Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

From puppy yoga to taking a walk with an alpaca, activities with cute animals seem to be an ongoing trend. If you’re looking to do a fun activity with the cutest companion then you’re in luck because you can take goats on a winter walk on a farm in Ontario.

Located in Huntsville, Muskoka Goat Away is less than three hours north of Toronto.

Owned by the Brooks family, this farm allows guests to interact with their herd of adorable four-legged fuzzy creatures.

There are nine goats to choose from as your companion as you walk around the farm.

From country back roads or through the forest, there are a ton of trails to explore on the farm with more farm animals to be seen along the way.

Don’t be afraid of a goat going rogue, they’re gentle and well-trained animals that are easy to walk with. Although these goats are well behaved, you’ll need to be respectful around them as a loud noise or rough play will scare them.

The walk is an hour-long costing $20 per person. There is a minimum of two people and a maximum of six people per group.

If you want to go for the cutest walk that will boost your serotonin, make sure to call or email the farm in order to book a time slot. The goats have their walk limits so be quick to book a walk.

Since you’re already in Huntsville, why not check out the Arrowhead Provincial Park skating trail. Skate on the 1.3km trail that winds through the forest and is lit up by torches at night.

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