Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

TORONTO – Police say two people who were seriously hurt in a fire in west-end Toronto have died.

Toronto police say the flames broke out in a house (at Gladstone Avenue and Shanly Street) Wednesday night.

They say two people were injured and taken to hospital, where they died.

The deceased have not been publicly identified.

Police say the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating.

Roads in the area are closed to traffic at this time.

Jessop said the fire was a “deep-seated and hot fire,” adding that firefighters were “met with a wall of heat and flame.”

He said from what he has observed on the scene, the fire “certainly came up from the basement.”

According to Jessop, several firefighters who were overcome by the heat were assessed by Toronto paramedics, and have reported back to duty.

He said Toronto Fire will remain on scene to conduct fire watch, check for hot spots and assist in the investigation as needed.

Police said Shanly Street was closed from Dufferin Street to Bartlett Avenue.

Jessop said Toronto Fire extends its “deepest condolences and sympathy” to those impacted by the “tragic fatal fire.”

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