Sun. Mar 19th, 2023

Today in “ewwwww,” we have some covertly-captured video footage of a person using their bare hands to put icing on cinnamon buns behind the counter of a Tim Hortons in Toronto.

Giacomo Ferrazzo says he was grabbing coffee at the Tims on Bloor Street just east of Dufferin Street last week when he noticed an employee glazing pastry in a most unusual way.

He only caught about three seconds of what the woman was doing on camera, but says she glazed multiple trays of cinnamon buns with her fingers while he was in line and waiting for his order.

He sent the footage to blogTO asking, “is this normal at timmies?”

Tim Hortons says no, but the employee told Ferrazzo at the time that she was simply doing her job as usual. She also claimed to be a manager at the 1094 Bloor St. location.

“When I asked her about it, she said it was normal, and she always does it like that,” Ferrazzo told blogTO this week of the incident.

“She then walked away when I told her there were other ways to spread the frosting, like using a disposable knife.”

Upon reviewing the video, a spokesperson for Tim Hortons tells blogTO that the icing application method was not, in fact, “normal.”

“The procedure in the video is clearly not part of our operating standards,” said the spokesperson. “We reached out to the restaurant owner immediately to make sure proper procedures are being followed.”

While we’ve all undoubtedly eaten hand-decorated pastries at some point in the past (grandmas don’t f*ck with plastic gloves,) the sight of someone doing it at Tim Hortons amid a global pandemic was unnerving for Ferrazzo, and likely for many others who have seen or will see his video.

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