Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Toronto woke up to a winter storm of epic proportions on Monday morning, with a thick blanketing of white stuff triggering a snow day for schools and causing havoc for commuters as salters and plows struggle to keep up.

Environment Canada issued an early morning blizzard advisory for the city, cars and roads already buried, warning of total snowfall amounts of up to 40 cm. Peak snowfall rates as high as 8 cm per hour are expected this morning and the conditions are already bringing a mix of chaos and delight, depending on who you ask.

Like any good weather event, there’s a wide range of reactions to today’s blast of snow. The most common is surprise at the sheer volume of snow that had piled up by the time alarm clocks started ringing on Monday morning, and the knowledge that there’s even more on the way.

Some high-rise dwellers woke up to zero visibility, unable to see the massive accumulation of snow on the ground.

Those closer to the ground woke up to see their streets completely buried and promptly noped out of their commutes.

Others weren’t so lucky, though, and were forced to contend with a whole lot of snow clearing — though some inconsiderate drivers clearly decided to opt-out of this basic courtesy to shave a few minutes off their day.

If you managed to make it out of the driveway, treacherous road conditions awaited.

A few drivers found themselves at a standstill, having to shovel themselves out to keep moving.

In some clips, it’s impossible to tell where the road ends and the sidewalk begins.

People are getting creative with the hashtags for this storm, one tweet even taking aim at Ontario premier Doug Ford and the anti-vax rants of his eldest daughter.

It’s expected to keep on snowing through the day; however, the worst conditions are expected to pass by 11 a.m.

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