Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Nothing else screams Christmas like a massive inflatable Santa and this year a Toronto neighbourhood has once again been completely taken over by jolly old St. Nick.

The annual tradition of putting up 14-foot-tall inflatable Kris Kringles on their lawns returns to Inglewood Drive.

The inflatables are available at most major retailers such as Canadian Tire, Walmart, and Amazon but they don’t come cheap. The festive decor ranges from $50 to $250.

The neighbourhood saw over 60 inflatable Santas line up the streets last year, beating the previous record from the year before.

Even though the festive decor is supposed to bring holiday cheer to the neighbourhood, some Grinch had walked around Kringlewood last year and slashed the inflatables, causing them to deflate.

Unfortunately, the annual street party is cancelled again this holiday season due to restrictions but people are still encouraged to drop off items at their nearest Daily Bread Food Bank.

You can find Kringlewood on Inglewood Drive between St. Clair East and Rosedale Heights.

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