Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Few natural phenomena in Toronto can match the serene beauty of a post-storm sunset, and it would appear as though this holds true all year round, even in the dead of winter. Or rather, especially in the dead of winter.

After a long, arduous, blizzard-laden day in Canada’s largest city, the sun for some reason decided to poke up out of the clouds just before sunset around 5 p.m.

The subtle golden glow was welcomed widely amid all of the snowy chaos…

Things looked pretty, awash in amber light…

Almost like a fire warming up the early evening sky.

And then it all took a turn for the “WOAH” as mother nature got into her groove.

Gold turned into a deep orange that briefly bathed the entire city in autumnal hues.

Then came the pinks and purples, at first blending together in the sky with various shades of gold and orange.

In the final moments before the sun went down, bands of vibrant red and violet could be seen streaking across the horizon.

It was a most-appreciated treat for the eyes after getting blasted with snow all day.

While Toronto has been known to see its fair share of gorgeous sunsets throughout the late summer and fall months, these jaw-dropping events are less common in the winter.

When they do happen, though, they’re among the most beautiful people will see all year thanks to low humidity and other specific atmospheric conditions that you can read all about here.

Science aside, tonight’s sunset looked extra special to many in the city after so much time spent under gloomy grey skies.

The blizzard is over and the sun has come out… even if only for just a few minutes, it’s always nice to see.

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