Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Although it’s the midst of winter, taking a stroll through trails is a great way to cure your winter blues all while getting some exercise.

There are a ton of trails in and around the GTA to go on a hike on but if you’re looking for a unique place to get your steps in, then look no further. Snow bears are popping up all over a trail in Ontario.

Located at the Kichi Sibi Winter Trail at the Ottawa River Pathway, the trail is a day trip away from Toronto at the nation’s capital.

The adorable snow bears that first popped up all over the trail last winter were created by local Ottawa artist Maggie Glossop.

Maggie’s brother Peter, is one of the caretakers for the wooded area and mentioned a few years back that the snow along the trail would be perfect to make snowmen to add something fun along the path.

The snow bears she creates at the beginning of the woods make a return every year and she adds more to the collection when there’s enough snow on the ground and as she walks the trails to feed the birds.

Maggie encourages others to join in and also add to the collection of bears. Last year there were 20 bears scattered along the trail and even a snow bunny added.

Whether you snowshoe or walk the trail, see how many of the snow bears you can spot and maybe build your own.

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