Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

Highways, restaurants and malls have all been shut down during what is quickly being referred to as Snowmageddon 2022 in Toronto.

But the good thing about major blizzards is they somehow manage to bring people together in unexpected ways, like earlier Monday when a bunch of TTC passengers decided they’d get out of their stuck bus and help push it out of the snow.

It’s just one of the myriad instances today when the huge dump of snow led to TTC vehicles around the city getting stuck on the roads.

Within hours of posting the video, the tweet has gone viral with thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets.

Some people have suggested how this act of community truly fits in with the Canadians being so nice stereotype, as onlookers jumped in to help.

Others joked about the situation, wondering whether or not these people were still going to be required to pay their bus fare after helping push it.

TTC buses weren’t the only types of vehicles being pushed out od the snow today. People were also seen rescuing a Toronto Police vehicle that couldn’t move.

One person had the right idea by using a vehicle actually built for these snowy conditions.

The snow is expected to continue falling for at least another day with up to 4 cm forecast to fall on Tuesday.

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