Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

Police have identified the suspect responsible for placing a hidden camera in a Tim Hortons bathroom.


In a Facebook post on Thursday, September 22, user Emily Hasler posted a warning after her sister discovered a cell phone hidden in a Hamilton Tim Hortons bathroom.

“A disgusting human being set this phone up in a pile of garbage with a small hole for the camera and a cut-up coffee cup as a stand. The phone was attached to a battery pack with the intention to film for a significant amount of time,” she wrote.

The suspect responsible for recording patrons as they used the bathroom has been identified as Daniel St. Amour, 27, from Hamilton.

According to police, St. Amour is not an employee of Tim Hortons.

He is known to police and wanted on a number of unrelated charges including theft under $2,000, possession under $2,000, and failure to appear in court.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Division Two Criminal Investigation Branch Detective Constable Lindsay Filice at 905-546-2921.

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