Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

We’ve been warned

The LCBO suggests people buy their booze early this holiday season due to a shortage.

Transportation issues and the “ongoing considerations of COVID-19” – including changes to consumer demand – have led to a booze shortage at the LCBO particularly on imported products, Nick Nanos LCBO chief supply chain officer told the Canadian Press.

The shortage includes some wines and Champagne-like beverages from New Zealand, Australia and South America, as well as tequila and scotch.

“Overall, Champagne remains available at LCBO stores. This holiday season, we encourage customers to shop early, and perhaps leverage the opportunity to explore new products,” a spokesperson told the Toronto Star.

Imported products that are also in high demand around the world may be difficult to find. Lockdowns have caused factory shutdowns around the world and labour shortages in ports in China and the West Coast of the United States, which has impacted the global supply of a number of products.

But weather has also played a role. In New Zealand, early frosts and cool weather led to poor grape harvests, which has caused shortages.

People should buy early to avoid disappointment or be flexible and try new brands. They will still have a “great selection” of international products and local beer, wine and spirits.

“Our customers’ continued patience should they notice occasional product unavailability is appreciated,” Nanos told Global News.

So if you have a favourite wine you like for Christmas or Champagne for New Year’s Eve — best get out and buy it soon.

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