Wed. Feb 1st, 2023

King Charles III’s step-children through wife Camilla made a rare public appearance at the queen’s funeral to pay their respects to their step-grandmother.

In a video posted on the Royal Family Channel YouTube account, the two siblings — Tom Parker Bowles (47) and Laura Lopes (44), were seen entering Westminister Abbey along with their children.

Lopes was wearing a long black dress with a hat that included a net accent, while her brother wore a suit featuring a long black coat and grey pants.

Before marrying King Charles III and assuming her current role as the queen consort, Camilla was known as Camilla Parker Bowles. She has two children from her first marriage with ex-serviceman Andrew Parker Bowles.

Both of Camilla’s children joined the service along with the other guests, and were not in the same section as their mother and the rest of the royals.

Tom said that they are “not quite part of the royal family, to be honest,” in an interview with Good Morning Britain.

“My mother married into it. She’s part of it. We’re the common children. We’re just on the side,” he added.

Quashing signs of any animosity for his mother’s second family, he maintains a cordial demeanour towards Camilla’s relationship with the royals.



“All you care about [when it comes to parents] is they’re happy, and my mother is exceptionally happy at the moment,” he continued.

“I’ve always adored my stepfather; he’s always been a kind and good and lovely man. He is a man of warmth, intelligence and humanity, and I think if it ever happens, he will make a fantastic King.”

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