Mon. Dec 5th, 2022
Clarkson failed in her bid last month to have Blackstock evicted from the property that’s worth a reported $17.75 million

Blackstock has argued that since it was acquired during their marriage, ownership should be a 50/50 split, while Clarkson has asserted that it is subject to their prenuptial agreement.

Kelly Clarkson may have been struggling to get her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock to move off of their disputed Montana ranch, she appears to have reached a satisfactory agreement with him over ownership of the property.

The talk show host and “Voice” judge has been embroiled in a long and contentious divorce from Blackstock for a while now, with this property one of the biggest sticking points. Valued at $17.75 million, per legal documents obtained by ET, there’s a lot of money at stake when it comes to ownership.

Blackstock had argued that as the ranch was purchased during their marriage, it is a joint asset and thus should be split 50/50 as part of the divorce proceedings. He lost that argument in October, though, as a judge ruled that the property was subject to the established terms in their prenuptial agreement.

Now, according to these latest documents, the couple has come to an agreement that does afford Blackstone some ownership stake in the property, but not nearly the 50 percent that he was looking for.

Instead, he’s purportedly agreed to a 5.12 percent ownership interest, which amounts to $908,800 of the property’s total value. As ET notes, there is an adjoining property as well, but the judge determined that Clarkson wholly owns that property.

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