Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

The founder of one of the original food trucks that’s been rolling in and around Toronto for years has sadly passed away.

Graeme Smith was the founder of Hamilton-based Gorilla Cheese, which has been around for over a decade after starting up in 2011.

Gorilla Cheese also briefly had a brick and mortar storefront on Ottawa St. Smith founded Gorilla Cheese after switching careeers from being a steel worker.

There were always long lineups for their grilled cheese sandwiches, which included unusual ingredients like maple syrup, basil, pulled pork, corned beef and Doritos.

Smith passed away on Jan. 5 after a lengthy battle with cancer over the past several years, which Grant Thomas confirmed in a Facebook post that’s accumulated over 1,000 engagements and 260 comments.

Many people commenting say they’re “so sad” and “so sorry” to hear the news. One person even said Gorilla Cheese was the first food truck they ever tried.

“He put up one hell of a fight,” wrote one person who said they used to work with Smith years ago.

Other people commented Smith was “lovely,” “nice,” “an amazing entrepreneur,” “incredible, kind, charismatic,” “a legend,” “a true pioneer of the food truck movement” and “a groundbreaker.”

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