Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s eldest daughter is once again ruffling feathers with a message posted to Instagram that seems to mock and flout the gathering limits announced by her own dad on Friday.

Krista Ford Haynes, 30, posted a screenshot to IG Stories on Sunday with the following text blurb:

“This Christmas, if you see 20 cars at your neighbours [sic] house, and you’re thinking about reporting them, go to the fridge and drink a big glass of milk. Why? Milk is good for you’re [sic] teeth. You know what else’s good for you’re [sic] teeth? Minding your own fucking business.”

Critics of Ford and his administration are, as with previous controversial posts from Haynes, widely decrying the young woman’s words and calling her father’s integrity into question.

It’s important to note, however, that Ford himself has not expressed or shown support for his daughter’s outspoken anti-vaxxer views.

Rather, the premier consistently urges all eligible Ontarians to get fully vaccinated ASAP and follow public health regulations, including those his government put into effect this weekend, capping social gatherings at only ten people indoors, 25 outside.

Also, Haynes is a private citizen, and we don’t know the intricacies of her relationship with DoFo, though some argue that her family connections have helped her gain a share of the spotlight in Ontario and is thus subject to public criticism.

Whatever the case, thousands of people agree with the self-proclaimed “police wife” and “Jesus lover” regarding the pandemic, particularly since her husband was suspended from the Toronto Police Service for not disclosing his vaccination status.

This alone makes her worthy of paying attention to, despite how ridiculous you feel her beliefs are — especially when she posts messages communicating an apparent threat of physical violence.

“A warm holiday message &/or barely veiled threat from the Premier’s daughter Krista Haynes (née Ford @fordnation),” reads a tweet with an image of Haynes’ IG story posted on Sunday night by prominent lawyer and activist Caryma Sa’d, who often rallies against radical anti-vaxxers online and in person.

“Will the Ford family be observing public health protocols?”

Again, it’s hard to know how Haynes’ relatives are privately reacting to her anti-lockdown crusade, but Ford is certainly amping up restrictions again as the threat of Omicron looms and cases of COVID-19 spike provincewide.

What we can say for certain is that Haynes didn’t write the text contained in the message she reposted: It’s been around since at least Thanksgiving of 2020.

If you want to stay on the right side of the law and polite society, regulations state that you should not have any more than ten people in your home this holiday season.

One would also be wise to follow the medical advice of their own doctors and public health professionals as opposed to, say, an anti-vaxxer cop wife who just happens to be the daughter of Ontario’s current elected leader.

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