Mon. Mar 20th, 2023
The holidays are expected to have “consistent winter weather” in some parts of the country.

If you’re not a fan of winter, you might not like this, because Canada’s weather is going to undergo a major shift that brings “consistent winter weather” to many parts of the country during December.

The Weather Network has released its winter forecast for Canada and there are predictions for how winter weather will play out in the final month of the year through the holidays and into 2022.


For December, it’s expected that “consistent winter weather,” which includes below-seasonal temperatures, will shift to the east and zero in on Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada during the second half of the month.

The Weather Network said this is likely to happen the week before Christmas and then continue through New Year’s Eve into January 2022.

Below seasonal temperatures are also forecast to take hold in parts of B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba along with eastern parts of the country as December winds to a close.

For the rest of the season, The Weather Network said there will be “a tumultuous temperature pattern” across the country that will lead to “a come-and-go winter.”

That means extreme winter weather is expected to be disrupted by stretches of mild weather.


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