Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

A P.E.I. man was a millionaire for a month due to scoring big with Lotto 6/49 and he didn’t even know it.

According to a press release from Atlantic Lottery, on August 20, Gladstone Higginbotham of Murray River won the $1 million Guaranteed Prize but it wasn’t until four weeks later that he actually checked his ticket that he picked up at an Esso station in Montague.

“My wife was in disbelief,” Higginbotham said. “After playing for 40 some years, I was always hoping I’d win.”

While the search was on to find the person who won the lotto in Montague but who hadn’t come forward to claim it as yet, Higginbotham’s daughter told their parents to check their tickets given how close they live to the town.

“My daughter sent me a link that said someone in Montague had won $1 million,” said Lyn, Higginbotham’s wife. “I asked him where he bought his tickets and he said Montague, so that’s when he checked.”

In terms of celebrations, Higginbotham and Lyn took the weekend to hang out with their grandkids.

They both plan on continuing to work and after the reality of the situation finally sinks in for the pair, they’re going to pay off their bills and then have a bit of fun.



The two are planning to visit Toronto and Montreal to cross two exciting things off their bucket list: seeing a Blue Jays game and Habs game in real life.

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