Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

The city of Montreal is known for so many different things: our music scene, bagels, fashion, potholes and of course, construction (which never seems to be the solution to fixing those potholes, but alas, here we are).

Now, when visitors find themselves in the 514, surely they become immersed in the array of festivals the city hosts, the stellar food scene, and dismally, a sea of orange construction cones.

Many of us have simply come to accept the city for what it is — so when I came across a construction site that was flooded on Saint-Laurent my first thought wasn’t “Oh my, what’s going on? Should someone be taking care of this?” It was actually “Oh, gotta love Montreal” followed by a good chuckle and the swift movement of my hand reaching for my phone to grab a few pics.

The hilarious yet painful scene took place directly outside the Saint-Laurent metro on Saint-Laurent and Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est where a flooded construction site appeared more like an orange cone geyser, and the best part of it all? Nobody batted an eye — proving yet again that many of us have come to simply accept the city for what it is.

The cause behind the construction? Uncertain. The cause behind the flooding? Also uncertain. But nevertheless, the sight of orange construction cones being drowned by water while cars drove through the flooded street made for what can only be described as the most Montreal thing ever.

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