Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

Looks like turning 97 only makes you more daring: one Toronto woman who just passed that milestone celebrated by doing the EdgeWalk at the CN Tower.

Many people 40-, 50- or even 60-years younger are far too chicken to defy death by strapping into a harness atop the tallest structure in the country, and dangling over the edge of the tower.

The CN Tower recently posted about Bernice “Bunny” Harrison doing the EdgeWalk with her family for her birthday, calling the event “record-breaking.”

People commented on the post on Instagram, calling it “fantastic,” “super cool,” “awesome,” “amazing” and a “true inspiration.”

“There’s no age limit on trying something new,” one person commented.

The walk takes place 116 storeys (or 356 metres, or 1,168 feet) up in the air and can be totally hands-free (though Bunny seems to be smartly clinging to her harness). The attraction actually holds the record for the highest external walk on a building in the world.

You can always find stories of other people doing nice things for seniors in Toronto, but it’s even more incredible to see a senior doing something unbelievable for themself.

There have also been no shortage of remarkable things that have happened atop the CN Tower on the EdgeWalk. Someone once sang “O Canada” from the EdgeWalk before a Raptors game, and the Real Housewives of Atlanta actually braved the attraction during a recent season.

Base rates for the EdgeWalk start at $195 before tax if you’re interested in marking any milestones in a similar fashion to Bunny. They also do gift certificates if you want to give someone a birthday gift this amazing.

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