Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Iconic orange, green and red stripes are all that remain of a popular location of 7-Eleven in Toronto.

A 7-Eleven close to Dundas Square was a lively late night pit stop for Big Gulps, taquitos and all sorts of other junk food, but it’s now all boarded up.

Of course, a location of a cannabis shop for Dutch Love has opened up right next door recently, the lone spot of light in between shuttered storefronts on the bustling Yonge strip.

7-Eleven made headlines most recently for their plans to potentially start serving alcohol within the business. It seems this location is one where those plans will never come to fruition.

At least there should be about 16 7-Eleven locations in Toronto and dozens in Ontario where you can still get your Slurpee (and one day, possibly cocktail) fix.

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