FluTruxKlan trends on Twitter as trucker convoy passes through Toronto

As the so-called “Truckers Freedom Convoy” makes its way through Toronto en route to Ottawa in protest of vaccine mandates and other measures meant to keep Canadians safe, many people are taking to Twitter to express their disgust while poking fun at the protest using the clever hashtag #FluTruxClan. The hashtag, which is a …

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‘Mighty Ducks’ Star Shaun Weiss Celebrates 2 Years Sober

Tuesday marked the 2-year anniversary of Shaun Weiss’ sobriety, and he decided to celebrate the occasion with some takeout, but the original plan was meant to be much more symbolic. Friend and fellow actor Drew Gallagher was supposed to go with Shaun to Brent’s Deli in the Valley. Back in …

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Only 1 in 10 Canadians consider themselves happy lately

Some newly-released studies assessing Canadians’ mental health two years into the pandemic have found some very bleak, although fairly unsurprising results, with a huge number of respondents saying that they’re still severely anxious and depressed. One report from the Toronto-based Centre for Addiciton and Mental Health found that levels of anxiety, depression, and …

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